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The Sri-Lankan Youth Organization (S.L.Y.O.) was created to positively impact the lives of youth today within the Sri-Lankan and the American cultures. The primary goal of this program is to provide professionally supported, one-on-one relationships between the young brothers and sisters of the community, allowing them to achieve their highest potential in growing as confident, competent, and caring individuals. Countless immigrants and American born Sri-Lankans strive to attain the great American dream. Within the clash of cultures many tend to lose sight of their roots, thus the S.L.Y.O. dreams of creating harmony amongst the many talented and unique individuals by providing cultural and moral blending that is learnt amongst one another. We are Sri-Lankans, who came to America and as children have integrated into a culture of difference values. It’s about helping young people that deserve a shot at success in acquiring the education and skills necessary in making their dreams become a reality. In a society that is becoming increasingly independent, the organization provides a sense of belonging and many new relationships and friendships are built. The teamwork created in this flourishing association, promoting networking opportunities. The S.L.Y.O also learns, becomes accustomed and interculturally communicates with other ethnic backgrounds, opening up the door to new heights and opportunities. The present and future of our societies depends on the decisions and actions made towards the community, in the form of service, public works, mentoring and many other controlled recreational projects. The committed volunteers obtain leadership with nationally recognized standards of excellence. The Sri-Lankan Youth Organization represents a strong union that is increasing its global impact from within the Sri-Lankan Community to the American society, and eventually the world.


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