Our Team

Dhanan Baduge, P.Eng., B.A.Sc.

Some unique characteristics that describe Dhananjaya (Dhanan) Baduge are courageous, positive, dedication, caring, honest, and never give up.  He always looks forward to help and support the long-term vision and goals of the SLYO.  One word that describes who Dhanan is committed.

Dhanan Baduge was born in Sri Lanka and immigrated to Toronto, Canada with his family when he was 3 years old to be part of the proud Canadian culture that is known across the world.

One of the life turning events for Dhanan was applying and moving to Waterloo, Ontario to study electrical engineering at the University of Waterloo in 2009. During his undergraduate, he was a class representative for his graduating class where he helped to promote and foster a culture for his classmates to participate in events and build a close community. After graduating in 2014, Dhanan started his career in electrical engineering in the power generation utility sector.

Dhanan was first introduced to SLYO Toronto in May 2017 where the SLYO team at the time was interested to host a sports day and bonfire night.

Under Dhanan’s leadership, the SLYO Canada / Toronto Chapter team aims to facilitate a feeling of community with our charity, musical and cultural events where everyone can share their voice and contribute to an alliance of Sri Lankan youth both domestically and internationally. Our Sri Lankan community in Canada includes talented individuals and leaders wanting to make an impact while creating a difference in our community at the same time. 

Dhanan and his amazing executive team is excited to bring more events for the community to bring them together here in Canada and continue to help our local community as well as the community back in Sri Lanka.

Ann Fernando, B.Sc.

Ann is a graduate student researcher working in the field of drug development and preclinical testing. Her work examines the role of protein based nanoparticles for cancer therapy and diagnosis. She joined SLYO Toronto Chapter as secretary in 2018 and enjoys the role she plays in developing events to help those in need. Ann’s favourite SLYO event has been the Winter Holiday Social in 2018 where she had a great time doing karaoke and playing musical chairs with friends in her community. In the larger picture, Ann envisions SLYO as creating a better life for marginalized and underprivileged members of society.  Outside of her involvement with SLYO, Ann can usually be found baking or painting. One word that summarizes Ann is friendly.

Ashan Jayasinghe
Business Development Director

Ashan Jayasinghe was born in New Brunswick and spent the majority of his childhood in Montreal. He went on to continue his schooling in Ontario and is currently working in finance while in his third year of University. As a native french speaker, Ashan enjoys visiting the province of Quebec and is committed to learning a new language. Outside of work and school, Ashan is an avid learner of anything that improves the quality of his life and of those around him. As for future plans, Ashan is committed to owning a holding company and giving back to people. One word to describe Ashan would be passionate. The passion to serve others, grow as a person and give 100% every single day.

As an active member of SLYO, Ashan frequently takes part in SLYO’s philanthropic activities around the community. As director of Business Development, he seeks to create value for the organizations and individuals SLYO partners with through partnerships. Through SLYO, Ashan seeks to tackle societal challenges such as homelessness and create meaningful change in people’s lives.

Dewmini Mututantri, B.Sc.
Community Management Director

Until the age of 11,  Dewmini Mututantri was living in Sri Lanka. Then she packed her bags and moved to Canada with her family to start a new chapter, or a different book altogether according to her. She recently Graduated from Ryerson university with a bachelor’s degree in Medical Physics. One word that would describe Dewmini is a hardworking and is a creative individual. 

Her passion for community engagement and eagerness to serve led her to be a volunteer at the Etobicoke general hospital, while serving as the community management director of SLYO-Toronto chapter. Through SLYO she aspires to engage in more charity and fun events like our annual sharing is caring event. She also hopes more SLYO chapters will be launched across the country and globe within the next few years. She contributes to the organization by giving her time, spreading the word through social media and being that helping hand in times of need such as organizing our events. In her free time she loves to sing and dance.

Helitha Hewagama, B.Tech.

Helitha Hewagama born and raised in Sri Lanka moved to Canada as a teenager. He went on to graduate from McMaster University at Hamilton with a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology. Following his passion Helitha started his career in the Aerospace Industry and has now moved to Aerospace and Defense to engage in new innovation and technological advancements. One word that would describe Helitha is ambitious.

Helitha is an active member of the community and frequently contributes to philanthropic causes and currently serves as the treasurer of SLYO – Toronto Chapter. Through SLYO, Helitha hopes to engage youth and give back to the community. He is an enthusiast photographer and enjoys his time spent in outdoor activities. 

Isuri Perera, B.B.A.
Senior Manager

Isuri grew up in Sri Lanka realizing the importance of culture and how it brings people together. She holds an undergraduate degree of Business Administration from Memorial University and currently studying for her Master of Management and Professional Accounting at University of Toronto Mississauga. She was delighted to see the effort the organization makes to inspire SLYO youth for network and making a positive impact. One word that describes Isuri would be compassionate.

Isuri’s motivation to help the SLYO youth made her join the organization as Senior Manager to develop plans to engage more youth to make a positive change in them and to work with all the members to improve and establish the organization within the local community. Isuri enjoys hiking, swimming, exploring the environment and natural habitat, and listening to music for relaxation.