Project – Donate to Kirinda National School in Gampola

19 September 2019
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The goal of this project was to support the Kirinda National School located in Gampola, Kandy in Central Province, including the Special Needs Unit.  One of the Toronto Chapter members, Mr. Allen Gnanam, visited the Special Needs Unit of Kirinda National School for an arts and crafts session in November 2018 and saw that help was needed to renovate the special needs units for the children that attend the school.  The kids of the school enjoyed making arts and crafts and then ended the day with singing and dancing.

With help from community members, West End Buddist Temple monks, and devotees the team was able to sell about 400 lunch packets. They raised enough funds to support the project from selling the lunch packets and by obtaining monetary donations.  The committee had an amazing group of volunteers who worked tirelessly to come to the Temple to prepare food and come in early in the morning on the day of the potluck to cook the meal items and make the packets.  This event would not have been successful without the efforts of the community members.

The money raised through our facebook fundraiser, monetary donations, and from the Potluck Fundraiser event, we were able to provide the school enough funds to help complete the renovation of the special needs unit.  Our SLYO Sri Lanka Chapter helped oversee the renovation project in Sri Lanka  and opened the renovated special need unit on January 22, 2020.