Infrastructure Reform

Due to the success of our events, we have been able to provide relief efforts to Sri Lanka as well. SLYO oversaw the construction of the Morahena Junior School Library in Panwilathanne, Sri Lanka. The library, built in less than a month, gives the rural school enriched learning opportunities that will span generations.
All of the profits attained from previous SLYO events were used to fund the purchasing of basic school supplies and production of the site. The unveiling of the library took place on July 26th,  2013 with over 250 people in attendance. In addition to the students, teachers, and parents, the Sri Lankan Prime Minister Hon. D.M. Jayaratne attended to show his support and appreciation for the project.
The students of the Morahena Junior School face a great deal of adversity; many of their parents work in basic trade jobs to make ends meet. As a result they are unable to provide the much needed attention and focus on their children’s education. Therefore SLYO’s contribution not only provided the school children with supplies and a place to study, but it enabled the children to find hope that there are individuals investing in their continued educational success.
SLYO’s commitment is ongoing, and we continue to support our previous charitable projects. SLYO focuses on providing reform to the country that provided our “roots” and “foundation”, and will continue to give back in the future.


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