Our Team

Udeshika Wekadapola

Udeshika Wekadapola immigrated from Sri Lanka in order to pursue higher studies. Her goal is to earn a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and in the long term to develop her own high-end fashion brand. She is currently a Junior at Woodberry University. Udeshika can be described as an organized, inspiring person who puts her passion into anything she contributes to. Udeshika currently serves as the vice president of the SLYO LA Chapter. She describes herself as highly creative and feels that her imagination will be a valuable resource for SLYO.

Eshan De Silva

Eshan De Silva was born in Kandy, Sri Lanka, and moved to the United States in 2010 when he was 15. He graduated from high school with a 4.0 GPA while participating in many extracurricular activities such as football and various other clubs. After graduating, he began his career in the financial industry working as a teller for Wells Fargo Bank. In such a short period of time, he worked his way up to become a financial advisor for a Credit Union while pursuing other personal goals while helping the local community. Eshan has been part of SLYO since 2011. He has been in charge of all the finances for the LA chapter. Eshan enjoys meeting new people and helping the community around him.

Fathima Rauff

Fathima Rauff, born in Sri lanka, raised in Southern California is the middle child of five siblings. She enjoys traveling, reading, and spending quality time with friends and family. In 2018 she graduated from UCR with BA in political science and minor in business and hopes to further pursue her education. She is currently pursuing her career in property management. She loves giving back to the community and has big goals to develop a community to help people in need.

Sahan Ganewatte

Sahan is a 15-years-old student who lives in California. With his mother being the founder of SLYO he has been a part of it since he was 5. He has been to almost every single event and has made many friends through the organization. Sahan plays baseball and is very active. He loves math and science, always thinking about the world around him. He is going to tenth grade and is a good student. Some characteristics about him are that he is nice, determined and honest. As being part of the SLYO committee he would like the organization to expand to more of the community and to inspire future leaders to make a difference.

Savana Ganewatte

Savana Ganewatta is a 13-year-old girl who spends her time painting, baking and playing with her two dogs. She is in 8th grade and has a lot of free time on her hands. In that time she bakes cakes, cookies and cupcakes. Savana also volunteers with SLYO. She decided to join SLYO because she wanted to make a difference in the SlYO community. As well as following in her mother Aruni Gnaewatte’s footsteps. Through SLYO she learned about leadership, commitment and how to give back to the community. In the future she would like to learn more about the law and help other people.

Ashan Kuranage

Ashane Kuranage immigrated from Sri Lankan to California at the age of six. He moved to California in order to pursue a higher education. Currently, she is studying at Santa Monica college working towards her software engineering degree. Ashane hopes to eventually transfer to U.C.L.A and has a long term goal of creating exciting, new technology for the future generation. During her free time, Ashane can usually be found playing games, reading, or drawing anime. Ashanes motivation for joining S.L.Y.O was to be a part of a community that helps others in need, and to build new friendships.