Building Global Friendship!

Connecting Different Time zones with Friendship!

We at SLYO love to cultivate friendships that cross borders! As part of being global citizens,  our global chapters across the seas are interconnected in making a difference physically as well as virtually! We believe in creating the following through youth global interactions. 


SLYO is a great place to interact with young individuals from a variety of diverse cultural backgrounds yet have a common interest in advocating for making a difference in their community. Being part of this unique platform you will provide the opportunity to discover and experience cultures around the world!

Global collaboration

SLYO is a family and we always stand taller with our chapters across all borders. That's why global collaboration is important to us! Being united will help us make a bigger impact. 


It is always exciting to meet like-minded individuals to share experiences with and solve global challenges together! Networking plays a key strategy in developing skills in young people, that enable them to solve global problems through effective collaboration and various expertise. Additionally, if you have the nudge to network in order to  build yourself as a competitive candidate, a strong individual, and to create a better community - this  is your chance! 



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