SLYO Baila Night 2017

The Sri Lankan Youth Organization (SLYO) organized their very first New Year’s SLYO Baila Night event in order to kick off the year 2018. All the SLYO members met at the venue around 1:00 PM and worked non stop to make this event a success. Fortunately, their hard work paid off with live entertainment such as the New York Behri drummers and the Baila musicians. Every aspect of the event such as the lighting, food, music, and security went smoothly. We ware honored and excited to be part of such a hardworking team and extremely proud of how they all came together to make this event a memorable night to remember. SLYO want to thank the Baila musicians who came at a moment’s notice but yet they brought their enthusiasm and were able to make that night a memorable one. Putting together this event was definitely a lot of work, but we are glad that everyone had fun and SLYO is looking forward to our next event. Here is to many more Baila events like this in the future and we hope they will be as fun as the one we just had.


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