Community Engagement

SLYO – Where the Community Connects!

SLYO strives to remain united, and rise together with our communities who teach us the importance of being responsible, compassionate, humanitarian and more inclusive members of society.

Being of service to our members, is what motivates us, and brings us true happiness. This motivation strengthens the roots which each chapter of ours then share with the respective communities they serve.

Food drives, beach clean-ups, tree-planting, helping to set-up shelters, distributing food packages to the homeless, adopting and sponsoring families in need during the holidays, and going on community walks to break down barriers between individuals are some of our key activities of caring for the growing needs of our community.

We care for COMMUNITY,
by emphasizing these four aspects!

We are unwavering in our commitment to consistently supporting our communities in terms of what they lack, also in terms of what is possible. We believe it is our duty to promote a responsible community, while influencing them to take care of one another.
Compassion is at the heart of every little thing we do, and the small acts we do for our community will extend for miles around. Community is a beautiful place where we can teach compassion to one another. This is what we love!

We can all relate to the difficulty in times of crisis and unexpected situations. We understand what it feels to be helpless. This is why SLYO rallies together with our communities to help one another, and rise together to meet life’s toughest challenges!

We live in a diverse, beautiful world full of people that require a common understanding of one another despite our differences. Our communities play an important role in moulding the essence of understanding; more importantly, the activities we conduct are rooted in being inclusive of others.