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SLYO Medical Camp Sri Lanka Youth Organization
SLYO Medical Camp Sri Lanka Youth Organization
SLYO Medical Camp Sri Lanka Youth Organization
SLYO Medical Camp Sri Lanka Youth Organization

Leadership Programs

Our leadership Programs offer exactly what you need to be the best version of yourself! Professional Development, Financial Literacy, Rise to Lead and Our Contribution to the 2030 Agenda are all programs which are tailor-made to revamp the skills of young people. Curious on what we have developed?

Community Engagement

It’s a core value of SLYO to give back to the communities they live in. It teaches us responsibility, compassion, the importance of being a humanitarian and to embrace the diversity. Each of our activities (food drives, beach clean-ups, tree-planting, helping to set-up shelters etc.) in every chapter are at the root of this essence!

Education Without Borders

SLYO is committed to enhancing the educational experience of youth and providing new resources for them to build knowledge. Our projects focus on underprivileged children in underserved communities around the world and we support them with various educational resources such as libraries and educational tools, so they are able to experience new opportunities and gain access life privileges and to construct a better future for themselves and others!

Youth Global Interaction

We believe in creating opportunities for cross-cultural, global collaboration, networking, and relationship building across all our chapters and it’s never too late to have friends like family from different time zones! Having chapters across the country and across the globe gives our members a unique opportunity to network both professionally and personally.



The USA chapter of SLYO is the founding chapter of this organization and has paved the way for other chapters to follow in their footsteps. Beginning with less than 15 members, this group has made a lasting impact on the  community in Southern California and around the nation.

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Donations may be tax-deductible per the IRS. We are incredibly grateful for the wonderful support of our donors. It is because of your interest and generosity that we are able to give our youth the programs and outlets they need to build a better future. If you have not given recently or would like to make an additional donation, please explore the various ways of how you can support our organization. You may review the options by clicking on (Donate) now!

Volunteer and Become a Member

Making a positive impact on a person’s life doesn’t just impact them, it impacts the world. Our youth not only inspires the rest of us to build a better world, but they are our future. Now more than ever, how we choose to invest in them matters.

Leadership Mentoring Program

At SLYO, we believe that empowering youth is one of the most important elements for the sustainability of society. We always do our best to create, and provide a platform for youth to share their opinions.

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