Global Interaction

Building Global Friendship!

Connecting Different Time Zones with Friendship!

We at SLYO love to cultivate friendships that cross borders. As proud global citizens, our chapters across the seas are interconnected in making a difference whether it is in person or virtually.


SLYO is a great place to interact with young individuals who are from a variety of diverse cultural backgrounds yet have a common interest in advocating for making a difference in their community. Being part of this unique platform you will provide the opportunity to discover and experience cultures around the world!

Global Collaboration

SLYO is a family and we always stand taller with our chapters across all borders. That’s why global collaboration is important to us! Being united will help us make a bigger impact.


It is always exciting to meet like-minded individuals to share experiences with and solve global challenges together. Networking plays a key role in developing skills in young people that enable them to solve global problems through effective collaboration and various expertise. Additionally, if you have the nudge to network in order to build yourself as a competitive candidate, a strong individual, and to create a better community – this is your chance!

Relationship Building

Isn’t it beautiful to build friendship beyond borders? To have at least one best friend from another country who lives in a completely different time zone? We, at SLYO love to connect and encourage young people to create long lasting friendships. This is the notion behind our Pen Pal Program:

Despite the fast evolving pace of technology, SLYO believes in the value of an old fashion style pen-pal. For both parties, it adds an element of commitment and friendship while for our members in Sri Lanka, it has the added benefit of learning to read and write English.

If you’re interested in meeting someone across the world – someone you can keep in touch with and visit when you travel, build a long-lasting friendship, and a companion you can learn and grow with, please email us for more information