SLYO USA | Operation Rise Above

SLYO is planning to provide all the essential school supplies to these underprivileged schools and students in San Fernando Valley, CA . We understand that right now during these times of unprecedented impact that it is difficult for some parents or families to provide for their family. We want to utilize our networked and resources to fill these voids that the families might be experiencing. SLYO decided that it would be best to help kids pursue their education. We believe that if these kids have the proper supporting system that it will lead them to life to get their families out of these dier situations. We know that through education that kids are able to rise above the issues that society throws at them. WE don’t want them to be alone in this journey, which is the reason why we create Operation: Rise above. The idea is simple, Provide them with the tools they need to succeed so they can use knowledge for power. We can use all the help possible as we realize there are a lot of kids in this situation all over Los Angeles. With your help, we will be able to make an impact to these kids’ lives and give them the necessary guidance and tools they need to succeed. We hope that we can count on you to make a major difference in the world. thank you.