About SLYO Canada

Our SLYO community is growing in Canada, SLYO – Canada Chapter was established in 2014 and re-launched in 2017 to reach out to you and give everyone the opportunity to join the growing ‘SLYO family’. As the community keeps growing and expanding globally, we have launched SLYO Canada in Toronto where that Chapter will report to. SLYO Canada will still maintain the reporting relationship with SLYO based in Los Angeles, California, United States. We believe that as Sri Lankan Canadians growing up in Canada, we should remain close to our roots, our culture, and our people and stay connected to one another while living in the most diverse country in the world. Our team aims to facilitate a feeling of community with our charity, musical and cultural events where everyone can share their voice and contribute to an alliance of SLYO youth both domestically and internationally. Our SLYO community in Canada includes talented individuals and leaders wanting to make an impact while creating a difference in our community at the same time. Our amazing executive team is excited to bring more events to bring our local community together here in Canada and continue to help our local community here and communities around the world.