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Our Team

Sachini Seneviratne

Sachini holds a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from the University of London, and is currently reading for the Bar Exam at The Sri Lanka Law College. While continuing her studies, Sachini works as a Legal Research Officer for the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka and was also the Legal Research Officer for the first Presidential Commission of Inquiry to investigate and inquire into the various allegations and alleged corruption in the Sri Lanka Customs Department.

Since joining SLYO in 2021, Sachini has led the Sri Lanka Chapter through several notable projects, including Operation Hope #OpHope, which provided relief to low-income families impacted by Sri Lanka’s financial crisis. Sachini also led SLYO’s participation in the Sri Lankan pledge for the UN Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY), and has also participated in many digital activism sessions on a broad variety of topics.

Sachini’s vision for the Sri Lankan Chapter is to create an open, inclusive, and safe space where everyone’s individuality and skills are celebrated, championed, and harvested to bring lasting impact and change to Sri Lanka. 

Chamya Liyanage

Chamya Liyanage is a graduate in Banking and Finance: Financial Risk Management from Victoria University, Australia. She also holds a professional qualification in Human Resource Management from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management, Sri Lanka. Chamya completed her Cambridge Advanced Level examinations at Lyceum International School, Wattala.


As an individual passionate about helping those in need, Chamya founded a not-for-profit venture in December 2019 called “Read & Return. Co”. This aims to raise funds through the sale of pre-loved books for its own charity project “Read for Shoes”, which donates school shoes for underprivileged children. Read & Return. Co also initiated “Project අත්වැල (athwela)” which collects books from well-wishers to donate to school libraries around Sri Lanka.


Chamya is an active volunteer with other organizations through which she helps the society. She is the Co-Lead of the Communications Team at “Tails of Freedom” – a pure-bred animal rescue organization in addition to her role as Secretary with SLYO Sri Lanka.


Chamya is a freelance Social Media Marketer.  She is also a passionate photographer, who won significant awards and is interested in taking self-portraits, portraits of people and nature photographs. She loves reading, singing and acting as well. Chamya is a strong believer of making positive change in the world through her actions and contributions to charity.

Khadeeja Firaz

Khadeeja is passionate about making a difference in even the smallest way possible. As an avid learner, she has completed her LLB and is currently furthering her studies in psychology and sociology. On the sidelines, she dabbles in graphic design and content creation. Her interest in various avenues has significantly strengthened her approach to work and has helped define better angles to tasks in relation to human and children’s rights. She hopes to pursue a long lasting career in human rights, with specific focus on children’s rights, as guaranteeing children a secure pathway in life ensures a better life for all.

Malshi Abeysekera

Malshi holds a BSc in Economics and Finance from the University of London, and is currently studying for her Master’s at the University of East Anglia. After completing her MSc, Malshi plans to work in the financial sector in London at a globally renowned company. 

Malshi’s interests in serving the greater good can be traced to her days as the Deputy Head Girl and President of the Christianity Society at her school. 

Malshi hopes that by being a part of SLYO, she’ll be able to connect today’s youth to opportunities that would help them build a better future for themselves. She also hopes to empower Sri Lankan youth to take charge of their lives and work towards achieving their dreams.

Malshi is an avid lover of dance and all things musical, having participated in national level cultural dancing competitions, and is also fond of animals.

Sandra Speering

Sandra is a graduate in Management and Leadership from the University of Coventry. Sandra has been working in marketing for the past 2 years, while being a part of many charities and charitable organizations over the years.

 Helping people and contributing to make a positive impact in people’s lives has been a long-standing passion of hers. She joined the SLYO’s Sri Lankan Chapter with a strong desire to impact her local community.

Pethmi Bandaranayake

Pethmi graduated from the University of London with Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree, and is currently reading for the Bar Exam at the Sri Lanka Law College. She is a legal intern by day and an educator by night. Apart from law, she teaches and tutors Mathematics, English and Elocution. 

While she aims to balance her life in the fields of both law and teaching, she finds peace and solace in music and reading. 

Pethmi devotes the rest of her free time to helping out those in need – on her own as well as through a few charitable organizations. Having joined the Sri Lanka chapter of SLYO in 2021, she has had the opportunity to fulfill these wishes in several ways. She is a firm believer in using her privilege and voice to stand up for causes she believes in, and is excited to be a part of SLYO.