SLYO UK | Mental Health – #VoiceItwithSLYO 2020

13 December 2020
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Voice It With SLYO was an idea that was born out of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. As Sri Lankans we felt that we needed to have a discussion on the protests that happened over summer, especially when we have our own racial divisions. The discussion with Mo Hassan and Natalie Acheampong was such a great success, not only did we talk about the atritudes held by the South Asian community towards the BLM movment, but also our own internal divisions.
We recieved such positive feedback, SLYO UK decided to come up with #VoiceItwithSLYO. We created this platform to talk about issues and topics we as Sri Lankans consider taboo, and at the same time to gain cross cultural perspectives on matters.