Kalaimahal Tamil School project

SLYO had taken on our second project, a multi-chapter effort to help the Kalaimagal Tamil  School in Sri Lanka. There are 190 students at in the school  ranging from ages 7-14. The school strives to give these children the best education possible. However, they find it difficult to meet children’s needs at times due to lack of financial resources. This year, SLYO LA, NY, and UK are fundraising to support this special project. Our initial involvement in this endeavor began by taking care of the external needs of the school. But as we further explored, we came to realize that we should focus our efforts internally on more fundamental things.  The school lacks basic school supplies such as notebooks, writing utensils and materials necessary for proper school uniforms. The cumulative funds from the SLYO chapters will provide just that and more to make a significant change in their lives.