The current healthcare crisis in Sri Lanka necessitates initiatives that improve access to healthcare professionals and medications, especially in the most vulnerable communities. This is where SLYO steps in to help.

We strive to make a tangible difference in an impoverished Sri Lankan village through SLYO’s free, one-day medical camp in Nelawa, Kurunegala. Significant financial hardships and severely limited healthcare access afflict the Nelawa community. Local doctors assert that the nearest hospital several miles away makes it an area in dire need of a project of this caliber. According to the local branch of the Ministry of Health, Nelawa faces severe malnutrition and food insecurity following the economic crisis. Several children in the community suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies, major risk factors for diminished immunity, poor brain development, impaired vision, and short stature.

Our robust team of healthcare professionals and supporting staff from leading Sri Lankan hospitals expects to serve 600 patients from low to very-low-income families at the medical camp.

We will offer blood pressure and vision screening, diabetes screening, hypertension screening, and a general medical clinic (consultations for other medical complaints). We will also distribute free medications to patients who require them at the event. If further testing, interventions, or follow-up are needed, we will issue referrals to consult doctors at one of the base hospitals in Kurunegala.

With your support, we will equip approximately 40 schoolchildren with impaired vision with prescription glasses following an ophthalmological evaluation at the medical camp.