About SLYO Midwest

The SLYO Midwest was hoisted in the Mid-West region with the initiation of their chapter in November, 2013.

The chapter was accepted by the Sri Lankan community with a warm welcome, as the region lacked an organized structure to rally Lankan youth towards a common cause.

With a strong support from the community, SLYO- Mid-west is hoping to expand its initiatives throughout the region starting from Ohio.

At the moment, they are working on initiating a division in Indiana. They embrace the concept “API (we)”; which means they work together as one unit to cut through challenges and to prove the world that “We Sri Lankans Can”.

In November 2013 they hosted the launching ceremony “Api”. It was a very successful night filled with good people, good music and good food. Summer 2014 – they organized a cricket tournament for Sri Lankan teams in the Tri State area. November 2014, they hosted a unique networking event for Sri Lankans living in the Midwest.