SLYO Operation Hope – Sri Lanka Crisis Relief 2022

13 April 2022


Sri Lanka is currently in the throes of its most debilitating economic crisis since its 1948 independence, a result of fiscal mismanagement, impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as changing global dynamics. Annual inflation skyrocketed to 18.7% from 15.1% the previous month, and over 22 million people are currently facing a severe shortage of necessities such as food, fuel, and medicine. Daily power cuts and miles-long queues for petrol have become the norm, with many Sri Lankan families unable to afford basic essential items. Sri Lankans have courageously taken to the streets to call for change, in some of the largest political demonstrations the country has ever seen.
How Your Donation Will Be Used
All donations to the Sri Lankan Youth Organization (SLYO)’s Sri Lankan Crisis Relief Fund will support humanitarian assistance in impacted communities in Sri Lanka, with a particular focus on the most vulnerable populations. These population groups will be determined through direct collaboration between local schools and SLYO’s Sri Lankan chapter. SLYO will bring relief to impacted communities by distributing a week’s worth of dry food packets (e.g., rice, milk powder, etc) to each identified family. We understand and recognize that this is only a temporary solution to support these communities. We stand in solidarity with the Sri Lankan population as they engage in peaceful protest, and hope to provide immediate relief for those in dire need of assistance. Your donation will make a tremendous impact in rural communities that don’t have access to these resources.
About SLYO
The Sri Lankan Youth Organization (SLYO) is a 501(c)(3) global nonprofit headquartered in the US that aims to harness the power of community to inspire youth to lead by giving back to the world around them. SLYO was founded in 2011 in California, and has since expanded to various regions around the world, with additional chapters in the UK, Canada, and Sri Lanka. Over the past decade, SLYO has funded many community development projects in the most rural areas of Sri Lanka with a focus on underprivileged schools. Instead of sending random donations or supplies, we take time to create relationships with local educational leaders to determine what the specific needs are, and then build a fundraiser around that need. We see each project from conception to delivery by having boots on the ground to ensure that funds are spent on their intended purpose and no vendor takes advantage of the kindness of our patrons. We are proud to say that SLYO youth have taken a step to create meaningful change.