To be the change that we wish to see in the world

“To be the change that we wish to see in the world”

SLYO is a 501- c3 non-profit welfare organization powered by the passion of young people who are driven to bring change in their community. Organization also provide young people with an empowering environment where they can fully embrace their identity and attain the skills they need to become leaders, and make significant impacts not only in their communities but also underserved communities throughout the world.

SLYO was the brainchild of Aruni Ganewatte, a Sri Lankan who immigrated to the United States to pursue her “American Dream”. She had humble beginnings and always took a leading role in her community. Owing to her Sri Lankan roots and identity, she has been lending a hand of support to anyone who is in need – even the most marginalized. Starting from her home country, she has been helping communities and children by providing resources for them to achieve their dreams. Her tremendous support towards differently-abled communities are noteworthy. Today, SLYO is bigger and louder; from the little island of Sri Lanka to the Big Apple, she has touched the hearts of many young people and communities, across borders.  

Volunteering the time to support a cause that one is passionate about is something an individual will never regret. It will enrich their life, familiarize them with their community, and connect them with people and ideas that will positively impact their perspective for the rest of their lives. Helping one’s community is also an opportunity for an individual to grow as a person and to better understand how to fit into the world around them. SLYO offers exactly that – a wonderful opportunity for young people across the globe to develop their communities and support its people by providing tools for change. 

The work at SLYO is not just simply about giving back. The organization has also created special programs which are tailored to improve the skills of young people no matter where they are; they have the opportunity to be guided by experienced mentors coming from diversified backgrounds. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for young people to develop their skills and receive knowledge while volunteering. The vision of the founder is truly inspiring, as she is keen to invest in young people and children to unlock their potential so that they can become the best version of themselves. 

SLYO offers a plethora of other experiences that will help young people and children to  navigate their future. Value-based education, mentorship programs, community development and cross-cultural exchange is a glimpse into some of their work. Their commitment to SDGs is mentionable as well, since each of their volunteering work and programs is aimed at supporting sustainable development globally. 

Whilst epitomising a lot of uniqueness from the engagements at hand, SLYO stands out from others. Their level of aspiration and the vision they encompass as a whole is truly commendable.